4 Ways to Improve the Cognitive & Mental Health of Seniors

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According to research and medical studies, at least one out of four senior adults suffers from mental health issues, including dementia, anxiety, and depression.

Serious mental health issues harm the cognitive and physical wellness of these older adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental health issues could cause physical, mental, and social functioning impairments. Fortunately, there are ways to improve senior adults’ mental health, including engaging in physical activities, playing intellectual games, staying connected with friends, and others.

This article will be discussing four ways to improve the mental health of senior adults. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Engage in Physical Activities

Engaging in simple physical activities such as walking regularly, doing yoga, and even ballroom dancing does not just benefit physical health. It improves the mental health of senior adults as well. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone.

For the body, it gives strength and endurance that reduces the risk of trips and falls. These low-impact exercises are necessary for keeping seniors physically fit. The simple activities will also be able to help them avoid chronic illnesses, joint pain, and bone fractures.

Anxiety, depression, and stress is a severe health problem that one should not overlook. That is why doing physical exercise can help to manage this problem and at the same time improve physical strength.

2. Play Puzzles and Brain Exercises

The brain needs exercise to stay sharp, just as the body needs physical activities to stay strong. Seniors and older adults are vulnerable to cognitive decline associated with dementia when not treated right away. 

Thankfully, playing intellectual games is an effective way to exercise the mind, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Mind games enhance thinking skills like processing speed, planning, decision-making, reaction time, and memory.

3. Communicate and Connect with Your Friends

Often, the reason why seniors suffer from depression and stress is they feel alone. The best way to keep these emotions at bay is by keeping in touch with their friends and loved ones even from a distance. 

Various social media platforms can help connect senior adults with their old friends and distant companions, staving off loneliness and isolation. They can even talk face to face through video calls that can do wonders to eliminate the feeling of being alone.

4. Give Them a Pet to Keep Them Company

Having a pet with you is just like having a friend or companion who helps you feel much less alone. But aside from that, studies have shown that spending time with a pet lowers your blood pressure, which can significantly benefit senior adults. But if you do not want to own a pet, visiting an animal shelter and spending time with the animals there could be a good option, just like getting in touch with a friend.

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy mind is as essential as having a healthy body. Mental health is incredibly important at any age, and these simple activities will help your senior loved one remain happy and healthy for many years to come. 

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