Vital Things to Know About Dementia

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Memory loss and forgetfulness are some typical symptoms that aging people usually experience. However, these are not symptoms that you can simply ignore and consider normal. Unfortunately, these are also known signs of dementia, a syndrome that could get worse over time. The best defense for this is enough knowledge about the topic. If you want to know more about dementia, this article will tell you the vital facts to know. 

Defining Dementia

The term dementia is the general name for a person’s impaired ability to think, remember, and make decisions for themselves. That is because their brain changes its physicality. Their brain cells die, and because of this, some of their standard functionalities start to fluctuate. Dementia is also known to slowly develop in people as a syndrome that builds over time. However, it is not unheard of for a person with dementia to develop severe cognitive impairment. 

One of its most common causes is Alzheimer’s disease. This illness comes with symptoms that affect their everyday activities, making facing every day more challenging than others. 

These symptoms usually appear in old age. For this reason, dementia is not easily recognizable. But to manage it properly, one needs to know how to identify the illness first. 

The General Symptoms of Dementia

Here are some of the telltale signs that a person has mild dementia:

  • Experiencing short term memory loss
  • Not finding the right words to express
  • Sudden and intense mood changes, with occasional aggression
  • Having trouble performing simple, daily tasks
  • Showing signs of obsessive behaviors
  • Incorrect spatial orientation
  • Difficulty coping with changes to routines and patterns
  • Feeling fear, stress, and anxiety brought by certain changes
  • Heightened sense of confusion, anxiety, and restlessness

As the condition becomes severe, so do the symptoms intensify:

  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme agitation
  • Paranoia
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Anxiety and depression

How to Deal With People With Dementia

People with dementia need all the love and understanding that they can get. Being difficult is not something they do on purpose. The symptoms and their intensities vary depending on the severity of the condition that they have. Still, one thing is common among them—their situation makes it difficult for people to support these patients. 

Unless you have the skills and patience to do the job, you might have difficulty dealing with loved ones with dementia. If you find it hard, do not feel guilty or panic. Some people are trained to give their loved ones the care that they need.

People with dementia need physical and emotional support in facing their everyday activities. Yet, they also want to maintain their dignity and a sense of purpose. Getting qualified caregivers can help balance those two on your behalf. Besides the physical needs, they could also help ensure that your loved ones with dementia get all the medications and attention they need to survive and live as normally as they can. 


Dementia is not an easy condition to face every day for both the patient and their families. But instead of ruining the family relationship, it should be doing the opposite—bringing the family together. Let the skilled and professional nurses bring you and your loved one peace of mind. They are ready to keep an eye on the patients and keep the family updated. 

If you need help in taking care of your loved ones with dementia, make sure to seek assistance only from reliable and professional help providers. Gateway Home Health is your home health service provider in Colorado Springs. We are committed to providing our patients the highest quality home-based patient care they could ever have. Contact us today!

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