3 Tips to Properly Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents

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Dealing with aging parents who seem to never listen to you, when all you are trying to do is to get them the help they need to live a much more enjoyable life? You’re not alone. The majority of all adult children deal with stubborn aging parents, many of whom are struggling the same way you are. 

Whether it’s about trying to get their aging parents to take their medication or seeking help for their everyday tasks, it seems like the aging parents never listen. Fortunately, things do not have to stay like this forever. There are many things you can try to deal with stubborn aging parents, and in this article, we will share with you some of those tips.

Find a Way to Vent Those Feelings

When working with your parents, you can easily face challenges that you leave incredibly frustrated. We’re all emotional creatures, and over time, those emotions can quickly boil over if we do not find a way to vent some of that steam out. 

For your sake, please find a way to vent it—but not to your parents. Find a person that you trust, like a sibling, a friend, or even a therapist. With them, you can release all the negative emotions that have built up, allowing you to think more clearly after the venting is over.

Know That You Cannot Do Everything

The simple truth is that you can’t and will not be able to do everything. Your parents can either refuse to allow you to do so or there are restraints on your end that may stop you. 

Don’t beat up yourself trying to control every aspect of your parent’s life. You will only end up hurting yourself rather than actually caring for your parents. Sometimes, the best thing to do is stand by and watch, only hopping in to help whenever it’s needed.

Treat Your Parents as They Are—Adults

Although your parents may seem like children in the way they act, understand that they are still adults, still your parents, and still want to be treated with respect. Being adults means that they are autonomous, or at least they’re expected to be seen as such. When your aging parents act irrationally, you may inadvertently threaten them by insisting that you know what’s best. This will only create a thicker wall between you and your parents, making it harder for you to help them. 

In all your efforts, understand that you cannot force them, and take the time to understand why they act the way they act. From there, develop a plan with a single goal: to get them the best care possible.


From everything said, remember to treat your parents with respect, all the while figuring out a strategy that will get your parents the best care possible. Always be sure to keep an eye out for your aging parent’s needs and how they take your advice. This way, you can adapt to their actions and their needs, allowing you to successfully meet their needs without creating too much rift in your relationship.

That said, if you want to support your parent’s health further, consider home-based patient care. As the name implies, you’re bringing health care straight to your parent’s home, allowing them to maximize their health without sacrificing comfortability.

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