3 Simple Tips for a Successful Post-Surgical Recovery

patient resting

It is in the best interest of every patient who has undergone surgery to heal faster to resume normal day-to-day activities immediately. However, it is not good to be careless and reckless in cutting down the recovery period, as this can result in the complete opposite of your goal.

For this reason, most post-surgery patients rely on home care services when it comes to managing their recovery. While these service providers can indeed help, you still have to contribute to your fast recovery. With that said, here are three simple tips that, when combined with reliable home care nursing services, can help you enjoy a quick recovery.

1. Follow Doctor’s Orders and Discharge Instructions Perpetually

Post-surgery patients often heed orders and advice convenient to them but disregard ones they deem meaningless or uncomfortable. Now, always keep in mind that your healthcare providers provide you with instructions for a reason.

While simple orders such as no showering, swimming, or lifting sound like they will have no adverse effect, these can influence the condition of your incision. Furthermore, you have to observe your medication schedule concerning mealtimes. Instructions such as taking a specific pill before or after a meal might seem insignificant. Still, the efficacy of your medicine can be affected if you don’t follow your medication program.

2. Inspect the Condition of Your Incision From Time to Time

Indeed, there’s no need to look at your wound or incision every second, but it pays to monitor and check its condition several times a day. It’s enough to check on it from time to time to know whether or not it’s infected. However, do not get carried away in taking care of your wound.

Frequently, post-surgery patients fuss about their incisions that they go through extreme measures in disinfecting their wounds. There’s no actual need to wash your wound and remove scabs every minute of the day as this can aggravate the incision. As much as possible, stick with what your doctor advised you to do when caring for it.

3. Avoid Staying Immobile and Bedridden for a Long Time

Proper rest is key to a fast recovery, but this doesn’t mean that you should spend your days just lying down on your bed doing nothing. While it would be best to stay away from strenuous and rigorous physical activities, it won’t hurt to at least walk around for a couple of minutes.

Many people are unaware of this fact, but inactivity and idleness for an extended period can lead to severe complications such as deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia. While it’s crucial to get enough rest, it is equally just as important to keep moving from time to time. Just remember not to overexert yourself during the process.


In general, cutting down on your recovery time after surgery isn’t at all that difficult. As long as you keep these fundamental tips in mind, you’ll find that you’ll be back to enjoying the things you used to do in a matter of weeks.

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