The Essential Things to Know about Home Health Service


Curious about bringing a home health aide to your family but still need some more information about it? This article will tell you what it is and how it can be helpful for your family. Home health has been a service provided for a long time, but more people are still unaware of what it is about and what the service includes. Let us clarify the essential things you need to know about this offer. 

Understanding Home Health Service

Home health service is like home nursing care provided for your family members who need assistance for their health. It includes a wide range of health care services for illness or injury, given right in the patient’s home. They are often more convenient and less expensive than getting hospital care, but their care services are just as effective as nurses and hospitals. 

Home health services include medication management, wound care for surgical wounds or pressure sores, nutrition therapy, severe illness or unstable health status monitoring, and patient and caregiver education. Essentially, home health providers would help their patients get better and become self-sufficient as much as possible. 

A More Comfortable Experience for the Patient

Home health service happens inside the patient’s home, making them more comfortable and willing to undergo treatment. When patients receive the health care they need in the environment they are more relaxed with, they can have better and faster recovery progress. More importantly, the service providers would personally see the patient’s home setup. Therefore, they can suggest improvements and adjustments on how the patients can make their home safer and more conducive to their healing process. 

Eliminate the Long Travel and Wasted Time

Going to the hospital for regular checkups is still essential. But with the help of home health services, that number of visits can be reduced. Home health is only provided to patients upon the approval of their doctors. 

Before patients are brought home, the doctors provide them with all necessary documents, prescriptions, and reminders to ensure that their healing stay in their house is on the right track. Home health providers know exactly what the doctors want their patients to do, and they can act as that bridge to make it work even without the need to meet the doctor as often. 

With home health service, you are guaranteed that your doctor has their eyes and ears through the home health service provider. All the patient needs to do is to listen and recover. 

It Is More Than a Physical Service

Home health service is not just for physical help provision. It also aids people’s mental and emotional health. These trained professional service providers are ready to listen to their patient’s health concerns and other problems. Because they know that someone is dedicated to being with them and helping them improve their condition, they become emotionally stronger and more determined to succeed.

It Is Not the Same as Home Care                                                                                     

Many people confuse home care with home health services, but the two have their differences. Both care for their patients but up to different extents. Home care is a service provided by a non-medical caregiver who takes care of the patients’ everyday and household needs. On the other hand, home health service providers are nurses, therapists, aides, or social workers who work under the supervision of a physician and with skills and background to provide health services. 


Once your doctor refers your family member to a home health service, they can safely start their healing journey at home. Your doctor should give you a list of agencies that provide the service in your area, which you can refer to. Before you begin your home health service, they would ask the patient questions about their condition. Take the opportunity to ask questions about their service until you learn everything you need to know about it.

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