7 Signs Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care

Signs Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care

It’s not easy to make choices that will affect the quality of life of a loved one, especially if it involves end-of-life care. No one wants to think about getting close to the day they’ll lose a family member. Hospice home care services from trusted providers like Gateway Home Health Hospice can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life while giving their family peace of mind knowing their loved one is cared for properly.

But how do you know that it’s time that your beloved family member needs hospice care? Here are some signs that tell you hospice care may be necessary:

1.The Patient Is Experiencing Chronic Pain That’s Hard to Manage

Hospice can offer treatment that can help reduce the pain felt by the patient and enhance their quality of life. If your family has been doing all the traditional methods you know and you are finding it difficult to keep the patient’s pain manageable, it might be time for hospice care.

2. You’re Taking Multiple Trips to the ER

Who likes going back and forth to the hospital? If your trips to the emergency are getting more frequent, that should tell you something – your loved one will benefit from hospice so they won’t have to go in and out of the hospital.

3. The Patient Is Not Eating Properly

Have you noticed your loved one’s appetite decreasing? That’s not a good sign because it could be showing that the body is starting to shut down. If the patient is losing interest in food, it’s important to focus on providing them nourishment and comfort in a non-traditional way, which hospice home care services can provide.

4. The Patient Is Losing Weight Too Fast

If a dramatic weight loss is evident in your loved one, then that’s an indication that you should speak with the patient’s doctor about palliative care options. Rapid weight loss can be dangerous, so you need to act with urgency when you notice this sign.

5. The Patient Is Experiencing Breathing Difficulty 

Breathing difficulties are never a good sign. Whether it’s raspy or shallow, if the patient finds it hard to breathe often, call the doctor immediately to know if hospice care is a solution that your family should explore.

6. The Patient Can No Longer Do Simple Tasks 

If the patient can no longer go to the bathroom on their own, prepare their meals, eat or dress unassisted, then having a professional assisting them with these tasks can greatly help. This is going to help the family significantly, too, especially if the other adult members of the family cannot handle the tasks because of work or other reasons.

7. There’s a Decrease in the Patient’s Mental Function

It’s difficult to see that your loved one is experiencing a decline in their mental function. Instead of ignoring the problem, consider getting hospice care. Your loved one is going to need all the assistance that they need when their cognitive function starts to decline.


These are just some of the signs that indicate your loved one can benefit from home care nursing services from a reliable professional. That said, you don’t need to wait until you see these signs. If your family doctor deems it necessary for the patient to get hospice care, then you should get it.

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