5 Moments That Show Your Elderly Parents Need Home Care

elderly parents

Most adults try to prolong the period of keeping elderly parents in their care instead of sending them to home care. However, it can be inevitable as they continue to get older and different signs of aging start to come through. It can be difficult to come to terms with that fact but remember to prioritize your loved ones’ health and well-being.

The idea of home care is already a tough decision as, and it’s an even harder conversation to have with your parents. Your mom and dad may criticize you for taking a step back from making that choice. Still, there are indicators that will signal how much your elderly parents will need an additional and professional caregiver. 

Here are some moments that showcase how much your elderly parents need home care:

1) When They Start to Lose Weight

Your parents can start becoming stubborn during mealtimes and refused to eat. It can be difficult as is when they start to lose weight due to certain medical conditions, and you can’t afford to let them grow thinner and frailer than usual.

Getting home care would ensure that your parents will be reminded to eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner without fail. They should also be able to continue taking their vitamins and medications to reduce the health conditions they have been experiencing.

2) When Their Hygiene Starts to Falter

Aside from weight changes, there will also be changes in the way they handle their hygiene. Some older people will have trouble bathing themselves, brushing their teeth, and more, depending on how fragile or forgetful they are.

When these days start happening more frequently, hiring home care is a must. Specialists will be able to remind your elderly parents about freshening up, or they can gently take care of those roles and assist them. That way, your elderly parents can still feel well put together as their mood improves.

3) When They Start Having Aggressive Episodes

Growing older usually makes you more cranky, and that can still be considered normal. However, if your mother or father starts lashing out at you, take it as a sign that you need third-party carers who would be able to handle those aggressive episodes.

These sudden outbursts aren’t their fault, though, as it could usually be an aftereffect of dementia and other similar conditions that will lead them to be more defensive. Don’t allow them to hurt you further too, though, so allow some professional intervention.

4) When They Won’t Let You Take Care of Them

Having them ignore elderly parents is not a great improvement from having them get angry at you. Often, it can prevent you from giving the daily care and attention that they will need as they turn away from you at every toss and turn.

Allowing a caregiver to provide home care won’t be you tossing in the towel. See it as a good decision that can help on the days when your parents refuse to listen to you. Recognize that you can use some assistance to be able to tend to your loved ones every day.


When the situation calls for it, don’t be afraid to stand your ground and insist on getting home care for your elderly parents. Anything is worth it as long as it’s for the betterment of your aging loved ones. 

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