The Importance of In-Home Care During The Pandemic

old man looking out window

The COVID-19 pandemic is a tough time for everyone. But while students can shift to electronic learning and employees can work from their homes, the elderly shifted from enjoying the fresh morning air to getting stuck indoors with almost nothing to do. 

On top of the general dangers of going outside, the elderly are at higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus due to old age and poor health. The seclusion this pandemic brought could cause deep mental, emotional, and physical impact to them.

One way of providing support to the elderly during this time is senior care, or more specifically, reliable in-home care services. The physical support and social connection that these services bring could provide a positive impact on their wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of in-home nursing care for the elderly:


  1. Safe social connection. When we say safe social connection, we don’t mean close physical contact. A safe social connection means a safe physical proximity to other people, and home help for the elderly can provide that. The in-home caregiver could encourage the elderly to maintain a social connection with other people, may it be through phone calls, writing letters, or virtual face-to-face conversations. Through this, loneliness and seclusion may not be as hard during the pandemic.
  2. Quality time with trusted companions. For the elderly who live alone, an in-home caregiver could ease isolation and devote that time to uplifting activities such as simple conversations, doing crafts together, and playing board games. It is important that the elderly have quality time and enjoyment despite the lack of physical contact with others.
  3. Limited exposure to the news. News about the pandemic and how its impact on the world may take a toll on anyone, even the elderly. While it’s important to stay updated, a long exposure to negative situations can cause anxiety and stress. An in-home caregiver could limit the elderly’s exposure to the news, creating a schedule to the amount of television time in the morning and in the evening. The in-home help could also devote more time to watching positive shows or even family videos.
  4. Encouraging positivity. Through this tough time, a positive mindset can greatly change the mood of the elderly. This can be done through internal dialogue, prayer, gratitude, and guided meditation. The in-home caregiver could lead the elderly into doing activities that promote positivity and even encourage them to speak with family members that radiate a positive attitude.
  5. Helping someone else. The elderly may also find satisfaction in helping others get through this tough time. With the help of a caregiver, the elderly can create letters and gifts to nursing home residents, to the homeless, to charities and organizations, and even to animal shelters. Through this, the elderly can have an uplifted mood knowing that they lent their hand to others in need. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. The elderly in particular may suffer from deeper levels of loneliness and isolation due to being separated from family and friends. However, this is not a must. In-home caregivers could provide the support the elderly need to maintain a positive outlook and a good mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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