How to Reach Out to Your Loved One in Hospice Care

How to Reach Out to Your Loved One

There comes the point in a person’s life where due to their unavoidable aging and ailments, it will be best for them to receive hospice care. That way, they can live out the remaining months of their lives as comfortably and memorably as possible.

Through hospice care, your elderly loved ones won’t have to focus too much on struggling to get better. Instead, they will look forward to spending the rest of their days receiving proper care, attention, and love—aiding their emotional and spiritual health until their very last breath. 

When your loved one receives hospice care, it can be quite challenging for family members to know what to do or say each time they visit their patient. Since you want to avoid saying the wrong things to the person you love, you could end up keeping everything to yourself and missing the chance to talk to them. 

If you want to know some ways to communicate with a hospice patient, keep reading below. 

Wait for Your Loved One to Warm Up

The first thing you need to do is to wait for your patient to open up to you and be the one to set the mood of your conversation, letting you know if they want to talk or would rather rest up. Your role is to provide your support without pressuring them to keep the conversation going.

If your loved one is used to keeping things short, you can’t expect them to become talkative all of a sudden. Instead, be patient about the pace and let them lead the conversation while you build upon it.

Think of Topics to Start the Conversation 

You could also consider coming up with the topics yourself! It’s recommended to lead the discussion only if you know your loved one usually doesn’t prefer talking first.

Maybe you could bring up anything that interests them, such as their favorite things to do and your shared experiences. You could remind them of their significant accomplishments, enjoyable times, or simply anything you know they would love to look back on and talk about.

Talk About Past Happy Memories 

If you’ve been by your loved one’s side ever since, through their highs and lows, then you know what they’ve overcome in the past, giving you an idea of talking about their experiences. But if you haven’t, it’s all the more reason to ask them about their happiest moments to get to know them better while there’s still time.

 The most important thing to do as your patient receives home care services is to remain honest while talking to them, especially regarding how you feel about their situation. Letting them know you love them and you will miss them is important, so they know how much they mean to you while they’re still with you.


Your elderly loved ones who only have a few months to live deserve to receive home nursing care to help them continue living their best life in the comfort of the people they love. If you want to continue making memorable moments with your loved ones, you should strive to reach out to them often and stay by their side. By following this guide, you now know some ways to make new memories—by constantly communicating and keeping that line of love open between you and them.

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