How Physical Therapy Helps Senior Citizens Improve Their Lives

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Seniors may be at risk for falls, have limited mobility, and have other issues that may affect their independence. Many elderly folk often have a difficult time moving around because of these issues. The good news is that physical therapy and keeping active are great ways to counteract these issues and will help senior citizens retain even just a bit of normalcy in their lives, even if they are dealing with medical conditions and chronic pain.

If you have an older loved one whom you think will highly benefit from physical therapy, this article is for you! Here, we will outline the different benefits that come with physical therapy for seniors and why you should consider having them make this positive lifestyle change. 

How Physical Therapy Helps Senior Citizens Improve Their Lives

It is the norm for people to develop medical conditions as they age, especially if the disease runs in the family. However, what is not normal is to have your older family member suffer in pain and lose their self-esteem because they are unable to do mundane and ordinary things on their own. Physical therapy is a quick solution that will not only help reduce the pain they may feel, but help them regain the feeling of independence. Here are some of the best benefits of physical therapy for seniors. 

1 – Better Strength and Balance

As people get older, the risk of them falling down and severely injuring themselves gets higher and higher. Physical therapy will target the muscles and bones to help them gain better strength and balance, reducing the risk of falls. 

2 – Avoid Serious Injury

The loss of flexibility in the muscles, bone density and strength, and balance may all contribute to serious injury. Getting regular physical therapy will help keep seniors active, effectively improving all these aspects of health. 

3 – Keep Infections at Bay

Seniors that do not have the chance (or are unable to) move around by themselves may have a heightened risk of infection. They may develop pneumonia or other illnesses more easily because of their compromised immune system. Physical therapy can counter that and keep them at optimal health by strengthening their immune system.

4 – Reduced Pain

Regular physical therapy will stretch the muscles and allow for normal range of movement. This will reduce the pain they feel along with helping them regain some of their flexibility. 

5 – Less Risk for Falls

Falls are the most common reason why senior citizens get injured. Physical therapy will allow them to move around more effectively and independently. Although they may still require some assistance, the risk of them falling down and getting severely hurt will be reduced significantly.


The benefits of physical therapy are known the world over. These kinds of therapy sessions may do wonders for your elder loved one’s health, especially if they are done regularly and consistently. Working with a reliable physical therapist will help your elderly loved ones regain a part of their lives that they had probably thought they had lost forever. This will give them a newfound sense of existence and joy, knowing that they are able to do things for themselves again. 

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