Home Health and Hospice Care: What Are the Benefits?

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As people get older, it may become increasingly difficult for them to go about their daily lives and activities alone. They may begin to develop chronic diseases or have a hard time doing mundane activities by themselves. If you have an older family member struggling with everyday life, you may find the solution you are looking for in home health and hospice care services. 

What kind of services fall under this category? If you are trying to gain an understanding of what home health and hospice care is, this blog post will shed some light on what your family and elder loved one stand to gain from these services. 

Home Health and Hospice Care: What Are the Benefits?

Home health and hospice may be similar, and may sometimes be used in tandem with one another, but the services and care goals are different. Here is a list of the most common services that fall under each category. 

Home Health Services

Home health care services are offered to patients that would benefit from having therapy and receiving care in their home rather than in a hospital environment. 

1 – Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is used to help patients regain the ability to do everyday tasks on their own. They work one-on-one with physical therapists to help them become more independent and self-reliant. 

2 – Physical Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on movement and mobility. Specific exercises are done, assisted by a physical therapist, to help the patient regain muscle control and mobility. 

3 – Speech Therapy

As its name suggests, speech therapy is aimed at helping patients improve their communication. This type of therapy is extremely useful, especially for patients who have brain injuries and are struggling to communicate their thoughts and needs to the people around them. 

Hospice Care Services

On the other hand, hospice care services are aimed to help people who are reaching the end of their lives and make this final stage a little more comfortable and bearable. 

1 – Nursing

Nursing is the key component in delivering the best care to hospice patients. Nurses make sure the patient is comfortable and cared for. The nurse completes detailed documentation of the overall wellbeing and mental status of the patient.  The nurse also monitors medications and vitamins to make sure they are being administered properly.

2 – Spiritual Care

Chaplain services are provided for the patient and the family throughout care and beyond. The medical social worker will coordinate which religion they would like to recognize and schedule the Chaplain for a visit. Bereavement services are also provided through the Chaplain to the family after your loss.

3 – Physician Oversight

Physician oversight is provided by either your primary care physician or the hospice medical director. This is coordinated by the patient advocate and admissions team. We coordinate care through bi-weekly conversations with the physician and care team. 


Home health and hospice services focus on the patients and help ensure that they have everything they need. These services are offered to help patients reach their goals and feel as comfortable as possible. To be sure you get the best value, it pays to select the right home health and hospice provider you will work with. Making the right choice will make all the difference in the way your loved one is taken care of. 

Taking care of your family members may be a stressful task, especially if you want to provide the best care and comfort to them but do not know how. Gateway Home Health is committed to providing the highest quality home-based patient care in an atmosphere of respect for human dignity. Our highly trained clinicians and therapists strive to exceed the expectations of our patients, families, caregivers, and physicians. Get the best home care nursing services by contacting us today!

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