How to Navigate the First Day With a New Caregiver

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Caring for an older loved one is far from easy. Life becomes more challenging as you age—you begin to have problems and needs that didn’t exist. With all of the medical, social, and emotional needs that must be met, managing them all on your own may be impossible.

Senior care may be complex, but with the help of a caregiver, your older loved one can have the best quality of life they can have in their later years. A caregiver can provide professional services for seniors so that they stay happy while practicing their independence. 

Instead of taking care of your older loved one yourself on top of dealing with separate responsibilities, a caregiver is specially trained to provide 24/7 home care. With a bit of extra help, you can have peace of mind, and your older loved one can live their days happier and much more comfortably!

What to Do on the Caregiver’s First Day

So, you’ve explored different home care services, interviewed each applicant, and have finally chosen the best in-home caregiver that’s right for your loved one. Now, all that’s left to do is welcome them on their first day on the job.

First days are never easy—everyone is bound to feel a bit nervous, whether you, your loved one or even the caregiver. On the first day, you must do your part to ensure that things start right. Of course, you and the caregiver will have to adjust to the new situation, but it helps to begin your relationship on a good note.

If you don’t know how to have a successful day with your caregiver, just read our tips below to find out what to do:

Discuss the Caregiver’s Arrival

Before the caregiver arrives, make sure to provide a clear picture for your loved one who’ll be receiving care. You can tell them outright that they’ll be receiving 24/7 home care from a caregiver, but this isn’t always the best thing to do. 

How you approach the topic largely depends on your loved one’s cognitive understanding—you may have to simplify your explanation or repeat it so that they fully grasp what will happen. Make sure to also discuss with them the responsibilities and the boundaries of the caregiver.

Introduce the Caregiver

The caregiver and your loved one should have already met before the first day, but make sure to re-introduce them. Use this opportunity to familiarize them with the layout of your home and add depth to your instructions. You can write out your instructions in a notebook or sticky notes and place them on areas where the caregiver may have a question.

Talk About House Rules and Family Customs

Every home is different and has its own rules or habits. Although family customs aren’t related to the care plan, it helps to brief the caregiver on how things operate in the home so that everyone feels comfortable with this new change.

To avoid bombarding them with too much information, we recommend giving them a shortlist of the top preferences for the caregiver. Once they become familiar, you can continue telling them the essential details and habits of your home.

As long as you brief them right, your caregiver will be able to care for your loved one while living harmoniously with everyone else in the home.


The day a new caregiver arrives, you must execute the initial care plan and establish a good relationship, but keep in mind that you have a long way to go. Home care services evolve with your loved one’s needs, so managing it is an ongoing process. As long as you and the caregiver work together, your loved one will be able to receive the quality care they need.

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