Fun Activities That Keep the Elderly in Good Shape

old person exercising

If you go to any long-term senior care facility, you will notice that many residents remain propped up in their wheelchairs for days at a time. This is most likely due to a decline in their mental abilities and the physical deterioration of their bodies. 

Even if the elderly’s mental capacity has declined significantly, there are ways to keep them in good shape. Walking or taking light strolls with the elderly is one way to keep them active and for the best reasons.

The Importance of Movement

Regular movements keep a senior’s body and mind active. It improves their quality of life by building a stronger body and boosting the immune system to fight off diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Thus, including exercise in one’s daily routine leads to increased happiness and energy.

Exercise aids in the preservation and growth of muscles. And with safe and regular exercise, their strength, stability, flexibility, and balance improve over time. Additionally, with regular exercise, seniors’ brains are constantly at work, which will allow them to think more clearly, and concentrate more effectively.

Outdoor group activities with adequate social distance are also encouraged. Seniors can benefit from social interaction while also strengthening their muscles by exercising with others. In moderation, training reduces stress and aids in relaxation when there is a release of endorphins in the body.

Activities to Try 

Here are some more ways to make seniors happy by engaging them in fun activities that keep them fit:

Take part in a walking club. 

A walking club can provide seniors with healthy socialization, especially in a botanical garden, a lake, or a nature trail. With stunning scenery, potential wildlife or bird sightings, and benches for resting, seniors’ mood will be uplifted as they do a simple exercise. A walking club could also be encouraged by participating in a charity walk together and raising money for a good cause.

Go for a swim. 

Swimming is an excellent aerobics workout for seniors. After a swim, they may even relax in the hot tub or the sauna.

Commit to stretching and yoga.

Yoga is ideal for the elderly because it provides a gentle method of improving posture, balance, coordination, strength, and balance. This may also help them with breathing exercises, meditation, and mental clarity.

Lift lighter weights. 

Lighter weights (two or three pounds) can be used for safe strength training. Seniors must still make sure that they don’t overdo it and move slowly to avoid injury as it is not strenuous.

Take field trips.

Going out can be very enjoyable and beneficial at any age. Allow seniors to visit a museum, the zoo, or a baseball game. Long-term care homes can have a bus or van and welcome family and caregivers on community trips.

Sign up for an art class. 

Art classes offer therapeutic sessions that include making simple and appealing crafts. Some creative activities also include pottery, painting, or knitting, which may increase dexterity.

Have some fun with the kids. 

Fixing and lifting small children, or following them around a playground, is so enjoyable that seniors may not realize they are more active, their balance is improved, and they have completed a workout!


Choosing activities for older adults can be challenging. Your loved one may have less mobility, comprehension, energy, and even a desire to participate in activities. However, there are numerous exciting ways to incorporate productive movement into their daily care plan and reduce the amount of time they sit in front of the television. In keeping older adults active, they benefit their mind, body, and spirit!

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