Senior Pedestrian Safety: 3 Tips on How To Walk Safely

old person walking

Everybody needs to exercise! No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have to go and get moving. Of course, you may not have the goal of building muscle or losing weight. Still, whether you have fitness goals or not, you can benefit a lot from exercising. By being physically active, you can strengthen your body, become healthier, and live a better life!

The Perfect Senior Exercise

Exercise is good for you, and this is especially true for older adults! Exercising becomes more critical as we age, and for seniors, it’s a crucial practice that has a significant effect on their overall wellness. 

You may not stop them from aging, but you can ensure that your older loved one has optimal physical and mental health through regular walking. As the most popular form of exercise among the senior population, walking is a great choice to keep your older loved one active. 

Just by walking, your older loved one can:

  • Improve their cardiovascular health;
  • Maintain a healthy weight;
  • Create and foster social connections;
  • Remain mentally sharp; and
  • Strengthen their muscles, bones, and joints.

On Walking Safety

To any other person, walking seems like one of the simplest exercises to perform, but it isn’t as easy for many older people. When it comes to walking for seniors, it can be quite challenging and dangerous because of the various elements they’re exposed to. As such, to ensure they can exercise successfully, you need to prioritize their safety. 

Anything can happen outside the home—they have to be protected from any harm or danger so that they can enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. Make sure to follow the tips below for a safe walking experience:

Enroll in a Seniors Walking Group

Exercising takes commitment; there’s always a chance that your older loved one may give up on walking for different reasons. If you want to ensure that they’ll keep exercising regularly, you can encourage them to join a walking group. They’ll more likely stick with a walking program and be safe if they have more people to walk with.

Have Them Wear the Right Shoes

The shoes are everything—the right pair will be the difference between an enjoyable walking experience and a painful stroll outside! Of course, your older loved one should wear sneakers that feel comfortable, but we recommend talking to their healthcare provider about the right kind of shoes to wear if they have foot problems.


No one is exempt from exercising, not even your older loved one. Their bodies may not be as agile as they used to be, but they can still perform a few physical activities to get them up and moving. As long as they observe the proper safety tips, they’ll have an enjoyable walking experience every time!

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